Current Projects

It feels like forever since I sat down to contemplate what is going on in the creative side of my life.  Having relocated to the Midwest, set down roots, secured decent employment, and currently raising a temperamental special-needs cat, it was no wonder time slipped away and the works in progress kept collecting dust.

Though the time has allowed me to go back and look at what I was working on with a fresh set of eyes, and it left me with a sense of need.  A need to go back, gut what I was writing, and revamp it.  Not only has the style of my writing changed, but also my focus audience and my overall intent.  Patience was not one of my virtues, and I have much to do on the Children of Sin series.  While I have the Book of Sloth in it’s second stage of drafting, what I need to do is start again with Wrath.

Amazon won’t let me take down books, so I guess you can still feed your morbid curiousity and read itEvery dollar counts!

But even then, those are more in the background, when the creativity is lacking and I need to keep busy.  I have several projects – both fiction and not – knocking around in the ol’ noggin, and I want to do some mental spring-cleaning.

A few ideas that have been chewing on the grey matter involve shorts, anthologies, and weird fiction.  A recent revival in playing table-top rpg’s also has another writing project that’s sucking my life away.  But that’s for another day, and another post.  Maybe even another book altogether.

So I’m letting the Children of Sin take a rest while I figure out what I need to do with them, and keep building a writing base in the meantime.  That way, when it’s time to unlease Sin back into the world, the world’s ready for it.

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