Work in Progress, first glance

A large part of why I got the website up and running was because the creative bug had bitten me once more (some would say it’s about time).  I wanted a place to be able to provide updates on progress, deadlines, and publications.  I also like getting to know my readers, which is so much easier than it used to be.

While the decision to shelve Children of Sin for the time being, a huge weight has lifted off the brain.  Looking back, the chokehold I had on editing and revising had drained the other creative synapses, and once I let go, the ideas started coming back.

The direction and focus of my stories have also changed since Wrath, as the niche I was exploring became much more familiar.  The revisions to Wrath and Sloth will definitely reflect this.

But enough about Children of Sin, this is an update about one of the newer projects that’s developing.  The first draft for a new book has started, and it’s progressing quite steadily.  I’m targeting between 50,000 – 75,000 words (120-150 standard pages), so nothing too large, and no sequel in mind at this time.  I’m still meandering back and forth if it should be a serial release or a complete book, but that’s a problem for future me.

There’s no title for it yet, but that tends to be the very last thing I figure out.  For now, it’s just [Untitled].  Check the homepage for the most recent updates on progress.

Until then, here’s a picture of my number one fan:


On the nerdier side of things, I do come with a couple video game recommendations.  My preferred genres tend to be world-building, in-depth rpgs, and sandbox games.  A couple gems caught my attention and ended up stealing a lot of free time:

ESO has gotten much better than when it first released; while it’s technically considered an MMORPG, the lore and various storylines included make solo-play a very enjoyable aspect for those who don’t enjoy teaming up.  For those who do, they have very good PVP and group systems in place.  And since it’s Elder Scrolls, what’s not to love?  If you’re playing through Xbox, you can find me as DthWrmdOvr4.

Subnautica was recommended from a fellow gamer, and had not intended to enjoy it as much as I did.  Much like The Long Dark (another game highly recommended), it’s a game based entirely around surviving in near impossible odds.  However, unlike TLD, you’re limited in what you start with and what you can do until you develop more gear and resources.  Literally stranded with nothing, you have to build your resources and secure your surroundings before you can even consider progressing further.  A great game for people who love resource and base-building.

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